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    Customized ioT Automotive Fleetmanagement Telematics tracking solutions

   Hold tight as we get our new tools together and produce the most astonishing products ever.-
  Customized  NB-ioT & Cloud software solutions +  LoRaWAN +  Sigfox  + Zigbee + IoT-
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Offering :
* Customized Automotive GSM 2G-4G cat M1 NB-ioT wireless product Solutions
* Customized LoRaWAN wireless Product Solutions
* Customized Dual Bluetooth BT BLE Beacon wireless Product Solutions 
                 Mesh & Gateways  ... BT 5.2
   Customized GSM GPS - Control module
            IoT NB-iot GSM Modul kundetilpasset

   Customized Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon Module
Bluetooth wireless beacon Iot moduleKundetilpasset kundenspezifische Bluetooth
   Bluetooth-Gateway -   IoT SensorGateway -   Beacon-Gateway
BlueGateway - IoT SensorGateway - BeaconGateway
   Customized Automotive
   LTE CAT M1 & NB-ioT data Tracking
      with cloud solutions

* EN12830 Certified

    Automotive Telematics module Development
    Fleetmanagement - customized development
    Fleetmanagement - customized development
    telematics fleetmanagement
Wi-Fi & ioT Module remote Data control

Iot solutions iotsolutions elektronikudvikling  Customized Bluetooth Remote Contol                      

    Pcb Layout Printudlægning Customized

    gateway nb iot sigfox lorawan wifi R&D develeopment

    SensorGateway      BeaconGateway    BluetoothGateway

               Bluetooth Beacon Asset 
           Tracking Solutions - 
                      Customized -  

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