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    Customized ioT Automotive Fleetmanagement Telematics tracking solutions

   Hold tight as we get our new tools together and produce the most astonishing products ever.-
  Customized  NB-ioT & Cloud software solutions +  LoRaWAN +  Sigfox  + Zigbee + IoT-
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**  Bluetooth - Nb-ioT GateWay
** GSM LTE nb-iot ioT Control Modules
** BT Bluetooth Beacon Development
** Telematics ioT Development
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                           Offering :  customized R&D development     - NB-iot modul Udvikling :           
* Customized Waterproof IP67 product possible  ... EN12830 certified
* Customized Automotive GSM 2G-4G cat M1 NB-ioT wireless product Solutions
* Customized LoRaWAN wireless Product Solutions
* Customized Dual Bluetooth BT BLE Beacon wireless Product Solutions 
                 Mesh & Gateways  ... BT 5.2
* Automotive Truck power-supply :  5-36V DC possible - Also 230V
           (Qi wireless charging possible)     
* Customized Product volume production in China and / or in Denmark                                                               
* RED / CE certification                          nb-iot udvikling        Bluetooth Gateway

   Customized  LTE GSM nb-iot cat m1 GPS - Control module

            IoT NB-iot GSM Modul kundetilpasset  nb-iot asset tracking LTE GSM elektronikudvikling
   Customized Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon Module
Bluetooth wireless beacon Iot moduleKundetilpasset kundenspezifische Bluetooth
   Bluetooth-Gateway -   IoT SensorGateway -   Beacon-Gateway
BlueGateway - IoT SensorGateway - BeaconGateway
   Customized Automotive
   LTE CAT M1 & NB-ioT data Tracking
         CAT-NB2 / CAT-M / Bluetooth Low Energy
      with cloud solutions and Iphone IOS App solution

* EN12830 Certified

    Automotive Telematics module Development
Fleetmanagement - customized development
    Fleetmanagement - customized development
    telematics fleetmanagement

New customized Automotive Telematics Fleet management product introduced.
for customer .. Allready 3000 pcs manufactored and working online in cloud ..
Telematics Fleet management module  with nb-iot & 2G egprs fall-back

LTE Cat M1, NB1, M-Bus, IP68, FOTA, RS232, RS485
multi I/O, relay, m2m, NB-IOT terminal. DIN-Rail, Sealed LID, Pulse,
Battery Operated. Mobile Modems and Routers. Industrial IoT Solutions.

customized Automotive Telematics Fleet management BG95M3LATEA eagle altium

Wi-Fi & ioT Module remote Data control

Iot solutions iotsolutions elektronikudvikling  Customized Bluetooth Remote Contol                      

    Pcb Layout Printudlægning Customized

    gateway nb iot sigfox lorawan wifi R&D develeopment

    SensorGateway      BeaconGateway    BluetoothGateway

               Bluetooth Beacon Asset 
           Tracking Solutions - 
                      Customized -  

Co2 (Carbon dioxide) måling og Co2 detektering -  Co2 Measurement and detect -crop LORAWAN

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