Customized Wireless Technologies: CAT-NB2 / CAT-M

Customized Wireless Technologies:  CAT-NB2 / CAT-M / EGPRS (2G fallback ) / Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy
  (also Sigfox , LoRaWAN)

*1)  Customized Bluetooth Gateway (BlueGateway )

*2)  Customized ioT Sensor Gateway

*3)  Customized BT Beacon Gateway

New ioT Product R&D Development  (Dansk udvikling for kundetilpasset produkt udvikling)
Volume Production of your products  (China or Denmark)
Complete Cloud system solution development
Firmware update over the Air
GNSS (GPS) Geo-position
Sensor types supported such as temperature, humidity, vibration , Co2
Customer software API interface (customized)

Automotive Truck power supply input (8 to 36V)  and  230V wall adapter

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nb iot udvikling elektronikudvikling
nb iot udvikling LTE Cat M1 / NB1 / NB2 kundetilpasset udvikling

LTE Cat M1 / NB1 / NB2 kundetilpasset udvikling