Bluetooth nb iot Gateways Automotive | Asset beacon Tracking customized udvikling CE RED certificate
Bluetooth 4G LTE Cat M1/ NB1  NB2 GSM Gateways - Ethernet Lan & WiFi gateway

Customized  Bluetooth BLE Gateways - *Beacon Gateways - MQTT                                       *IP66 Waterproof Automotive Gateways.   (truck gps tracking solutions )

Kundetilpasset - iot  iiot Bluetooth Mesh Gateway

BlueGateway bluetoothgateway gateway Bluetooth Customized Iotsolution ble2mqtt

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** Customized Bluetooth to Nb-iot - BLE GateWays Development
** GSM Control Modules R&D
** BT BLE Bluetooth tracking Beacon Development
** Customized Telematics Solutions Development
** iot & iiot solutions R&D Customized
  Bluetooth BlueBeacon tracking references 
** Co2  iot monitoring & Ammonia NH3 detect
 ** Company Information

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Automotive Bluetooth BLUEGATEWAY to NB-ioT  (+8v-32v dc supply)

CE RED certificate
blueGateways iioT automotive Bluetooth Gateway Bluetooth Gateway to cloud nanogateway nanolink

SensorGateWay BeaconGateWay BlueGateway  Access-Control Gateway
BlueGateway SensorGateWay BeaconGateWay  BLE2MQTT


  Customized iot Mesh BeaconGateway
                                         - Automotive BLE2MQTT BluetoothGateway..        
  Automotive Bluetooth Mesh Gateway to nb-iot
Bluetooth iot iiot  gateway bluetoothgateway Beacon MESH Bluetooth Mesh
    Customized Gateways to:
  - GSM 2G/4G
LTE Cat M1/NB1 & NB2 ioT, -
     - GPS - GNSS - 2G eGPRS
  - Sigfox Gateway
  - LoRaWAN & LoRa networks
  - WiFi gateway Wi-Fi
  - Ethernet LAN 100Mbit Gateway.
Bluetooth Gateway Beacon gateway Blue gateway i o t s o l u i o n s

Automotive Truck and Car mounting ..
                               - for 8v to 32v dc input power-supply.
* Supports a connection to an ordinary mains wall adapter.
                 * Weatherproof IP66 enclosure.
                 * Temperature:
                      Minus -30
degree to plus +90
degree operation
* EN12830 Certified - CE RED certificate
           * Bluetooth NFC Tagging  - embedded NFC  & RFID NFC rfid tracking sporing
* MQTT, TCP,  HTTP iot iiot compatible Cloud solutions
           * eSim electronics Simcard implemented - embedded SIM
              * LTE Cat M1/NB1 waterproff GNSS tracking compatible

* CE RED certificate
              * Bluetooth MESH Gateway -  Beacon Mesh Tracking Gateway
LTE Cat M1/NB1 with 2G system fallback
              * ZigBee & Z-wave
MESH Gateway Customized
              * RTLS Location System
              * Automotive Power Beacon Booster +23dBm  - 8V to 36V dc
               Presenting :
                  1)** BLE Beacon Gateway to
2G LTE GSM  Gprs
                  2)** BLE Beacon Gateway to NB-iot
LTE Cat M1/NB1 - NB2
                  3)** BLE Beacon Gateway to Wi-Fi  / Ethernet Lan
                  BLE to MQTT bridge - nb-iot:
Software MQTT data connection R&D development to Cloud Server

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WedeCon Design

                                 Beacongateway Bluetooth iot RTLS Bluegateway BluetoothGateway BLE to MQTT bridge automotive
                             Customized combined Bluetooth ZigBee BLE Beacon ,
                         Complete Product Development  Hardware and Software & Cloud solutions

                             Supported  ioT Antenna Accessories - automotive fleetmanagement

                              SensorGateWay Zigbee BeaconGateWay BlueGateWAY

Bluetooth BLE Nanolink Beacon RTLS Kundetilpasset Udvikling nanolink

Customized Bluetooth Beacon for the Nanolink customer
 Customized BLE Bluetooth
         Beacon Mesh products
  R&D Developments on request .

**Production volume possible

** BT Antenna design optimized
** 6-Axis Movement sense detect
** Proximity sensor
** Temperature Sense +- 0.1degree
** Humidity Sense

** BT 5.1 BLE MESH
** Eddistone url beacon
** RTLS iot iiot
** Automotive Power Beacon  
                            +22dbm output
** Complete MQTT Cloud end-user
      solutions incl smartphone app.

 - kundetilpasset produkt udvikling -
              Bluetooth BLE Beacon RTLS Kundetilpasset Udvikling nanolink
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WedeCon Design

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